Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Does Obama Not Fund?

I saw an article from a state-controlled media outlet, commonly known as the Associated Press, in which they had the following comment in regard to the US Labor Dept Head:

"They follow through on President Barack Obama's campaign promise to boost funding for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, increase enforcement and safeguard workers in dangerous industries."

The article was typical drivel. The thing that caught my eye was Obama's promise to boost funding for this Agency. It made me think: What does he not fund or how does he decide we're not going to spend money on this or that? This is like an individual person who just decides one day that he wants a new TV. So he gets a new HD TV. The next day he wants to order Pizza so he orders pizza. Maybe the day after that he's sick of his old Ipod. So he gets a new one. If you want it you get it. Why wait or budget or delay getting what you want?

At what point does President Obama stop and make a judgment about what might be nice to have and what we as a nation can't keep spending money on? Now that we're almost $2 Trillion in the hole in just a single year of his presidency, when does he decide that enough is enough?