Friday, November 7, 2008

A Dose of Reality: Iraqi Style

Interesting recent article in that bastion of conservatism called Yahoo! News:

It states that Obama may have to adjust his promise of a 16-month withdrawal timetable from Iraq. That’s good news if he does. The cold, grim reality of military logistics always made such a timeline laughable. I find myself just shaking me lil' ole head when I hear it even though I know we’re in an age where politicians sort of just say stuff.

We’re coming down the home stretch in Iraq, I think. By any measure things have turned around there. Now is not the time to screw it up. Too many talented and noble people have sacrificed and given themselves to this cause to leave it now, whatever you may have originally thought about it when it began.

Obama’s transition from saying stuff – to – doing stuff is underway.

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