Monday, December 8, 2008

Obama Smokes! String'm Up

This recent article about Obama's on-again, off-again smoking habit struck me as yet another example of misplaced liberal, politically correct moral outrage.

This is truly ridiculous. I am not a cigarette smoker. I love smoking cigars and I'll confess I don't understand the appeal of cigarettes. I never got into the whole cool factor about it in High School.

The article cites stats about how cigarettes cost billions in health care costs and cause one in five deaths. Shall we do away with old age, McDonalds, desserts, fat food in general, and driving cars? They are probably the leading contrubutor to the other four in five deaths.

This sort of moral crusade is what I've always hated about the whole PC movement. It seems PC moral outrage is over things that aren't all that moral. When this happens eventually the outrage loses its effectiveness and we become numb to moral outrage in general. I mean cigarette smoking! When will we move beyond these stupid type of pseudo-moral crusades?

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