Monday, February 23, 2009

A Front Row Seat

I can’t help but think that we all have the unique, maybe I’ll say “privilege” of watching a uniquely unqualified president learn on the job. This might be ok if the stakes weren’t so significant. Or if the consequences and grave we’re digging wasn’t so far ranging and deep.

The markets went down to a record low. Oh, but the market’s emotional, who cares what the market does day-to-day? -- says one talking head on a show I was watching. Who cares? Obama gives a good speech. Wall Street deserves a beating. Those greedy leeches brought this on themselves. Didn’t they?

Today Obama warned governors that he will “call them out” if they waste any of the billions coming their way. He did the same to mayors last week. He called them out too. Hey, how about that. It’s quite a scene. It’s quite a show. The people love it. It’s got villains, big stakes, and a sheriff to clean up the town mess. We can only wait to see if the show ends on a high note, the way we Americans love our shows to end.

Tomorrow night Mr. Obama is going to call for renewed vigilance to cut the deficit in half. On the other hand, he’s also rumored to propose expanding universal government run healthcare in tomorrow;s speech. He just signed a bill for $787B. Oh, and that’s a start. We probably need more money for GM and Chrysler. Oh, and TARP and the banks. Don’t forget that. And he’s giving another $15B to states for Medicaid. I can't wait to see government squeeze the savings and generate efficiencies the likes of which the private market could only imagine. Yep, healthcare will be expensive. But medical technology is here to stay now that Obama's here so never fear. It'll work.

I love words. Yes, words are good. Words can be arranged and rearranged in different order. They can play on emotion and make you feel good if they’re delivered eloquently. If the pitch is good and intonations work than words can do wonders.

Maybe words will one day reflect some sort of realistic assessment of what’s happening followed by a realistic prescription to move forward. Words can be powerful things. Words can be dangerous things. With Obama, I suspect words are thrown on the wall with the intent of seeing what sticks. I think he likes the feedback and I think he likes to be liked. The problem with a man who sees himself in that way is that this type of man is not generally who you want in the midst of a crisis. He's just wrong. Well we can only wait and see. You might want to save your money in these rainiest of days.

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