Monday, October 12, 2009

My Blogging Slowdown

In recent weeks my ire has not been raised as it has been throughout the year. I am increasingly resigned to the feeling that this is how it's going to be for awhile. No sense in getting a rise from it.

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend who is a big fan of the Constitution and America's founding fathers. He mentioned that the Founders knew that if the government grew to be too big, people would start to vote for it to get even larger so they could personally get as many goodies out of it as possible. The Founders cautioned that a Democracy can't long exist if that's the case. I have heard that before. It's about where we are. I am resigned to it.

As I read the daily paper, alarm bells go off on at least several pages every day. I have blogged ad nauseum about a variety of things. In recent weeks it's been reported that as the dollar is sinking as commodity prices are rising. Foreign exchange markets are moving away from the dollar as the reserve currency. The dreadful ramifications of that are too long for me to explain today. But rest assured, it's not good for our country. And who really cares anyway? It's all a bunch of jibberish. The dollars sinking? What does that mean? So long as I can buy a can of Coke for 75 cents, to me it's not sinking. Just give me my healthcare. And save me money from expanding this entitlement while you're at it. Make sense? Iran is vociferously threatening Israel, which they've always done. But now the actually have real nukes and a religous fanatic at the helm. The death toll is rising in Afghanistan. Our economy shed another 263K jobs last month and within about a month or two we'll have 10% unemployment. But that's old news.

It seems we're in a new country. We're remaking America. While she was imperfect, I will miss her. What comes next and how it will look is anybody's guess. I sense the adults are no longer really in charge. We're no longer concerned with the price tag of anything, we just seem to buy and do whatever we want as a nation. There's a real immaturity in our country and in our leaders. Adults have ambitions too. It's just that a mature adult realizes that he has to weigh seriously the price tag and that how much you spend really matters. Mature people know limits. Then again, maybe maturity is overrated. Why have tomorrow what you can have today? We can have it all and we're worth it. Right?

I am coming to accept the new America. In my angrier moments I'd say this is God's judgment and our various moral and social breakdowns are finally extracting a price. But who the heck am I to say what God is doing?

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