Monday, March 8, 2010

So, Where We At?

It's been over 2 months since my last entry. And nothing has really changed. 3 days ago, we learned that another 36K jobs were lost in February. We're still said to be in "recovery". The healthcare bill is still not passed. And our president is still putting up rinky dink "job creation" proposals every day saying we need to get the economy started again. Yep. I heard that one before. It's March 2010. Is it still Bush's fault? Next month will be the month we start gaining jobs. Yep. And if we lost more jobs in March, we'll get some the month after that.

Meanwhile the country's deficit is ballooning. It's slated to expand by almost $10 Trillion through 2020 thanks to Obama's latest budget proposal. That assumes we grow signficantly during that timeframe. For a labor force of about 150M people, I'm sure that's nothing to be too concerned about. It'll probably work itself out. That $10T divided by 150M equals almost $67K per worker. I'm sure future workers can afford to pay the extra $67K after 2020 to make it up since we'll be so prosperous thanks to Obama's new hope and change utopia.

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