Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why People Hate Politicians

The word "politician" has become like calling someone a leper, doufus, Schmo... You can probably go on and on.

Senator Arlen Specter of PA announced that he was switching from a Republican to a Democrat. Why? Well, Sen. Specter discovered in a recent poll that he was trailing a primary opponent by over 20 points. He calculated that he was going to lose his seat, which he probably would have. As he said himself, his chance of winning was bleak. So, why not be a Democrat? It's just that easy.

What happened to Sen Specter's principles? Has he not really believed in Republican ideals during the almost 30 years he's served as a U.S. Senator? Just now he's come to the light because his party has gone too far right. I guess Reagan, Gingrich, and others who have served in his party were moderates?

Who needs principles when you're a 79 year old man and you got a valuable seat to protect with all the rights, privileges and honors that come with being a U.S. Senator? Politics as a profession is a bad idea. It would be wise if Congress passed a law that members had to work in a non-political job, whether in business, education, construction, whatever... before they could enter into public service. They might learn a little bit from spending a season of life in the same way as the people they represent. Til then, the word politician is indeed a dirty word. Well done Senator Specter, our faithful servant.

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