Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Age of Czars

I want to be a czar of something. Maybe I'll become Dad Czar, Lawn Maintenance Czar, or Cigar Czar.

Obama is appointing yet another "czar" called a pay czar to monitor how firms receiving government cash pay their executives and their employees. We already have a car czar, energy czar, health czar, urban czar, TARP czar, drug czar, terrorism czar, faith-based czar, and many more. My favorite czar is the stimulus accountability czar.

Czars are not congressionally appointed and they are not accountable to anybody other than their boss, President Obama. I know Congress as one of the three branches of government is boring with lots of committees and people who just talk a lot. But there are various committees and congressional members who are supposed to have a major role in these types of czar appointed things. This is really an end run around Congress and a consolidation of executive power by El Presidente. But who really needs the Constitution anymore? It's old, boring, and so yesterday, right? I guess if you want results, you gotta bring in a Czar. Maybe we can give them all big, furry hats like they did in Russian days.

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