Saturday, June 27, 2009

Peggy Noonan's Reflection on the Old and Young

Peggy Noonan had a profound paragraph today. I find that I am still young enough to appreciate the fact that a new crisis may really be a crisis. But I am not young enough to think that every "crisis" is really a crisis. I am veering old, though because I tend to find Obama's hope and change campaign and all the radical policies with a supposed brave new world as basically what a teen or 20-something with little real experience would do if they were running the country. Anyway, enjoy:

"Mr. Obama's White House is, at the moment, like most new White Houses. Every administration wants to do great things. Or, rather, it wants greatness. It wants to break through on some great issue or issues and claim to be, as they used to say, consequential. There's a busy hum of action. It can cause a blur. Everyone who works for a nation gets carried away. They're all swept up. It's understandable. They're working in the White House, they're mostly young—only the young can take the punishing hours, and only the young have lived through a limited enough history that they think everything counts and everything matters, which is how you want people in a White House to feel. In this they are like the young reporters and anchors on weekend TV. The storm comes and it's the biggest storm ever, or the most terrible brush fire. They're like this because it's their first hurricane. If the sin of the young is to blow things out of proportion, the sin of the old is no longer to notice true dimension and size. It's their 30th revolution after all, how big a deal could it be?"

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