Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bye Michael, Hee-Hee

Mike was da man during his day. It was all good from the Jackson 5 days to Off the Wall to Thriller. I thought his late 80's and 90's stuff was even better for my tastes given that I never had much groove.

But today's media coverage was ridiculous. Celebrites came out of the woodwork and who knows if they even knew the guy in some of the cases. I mean Al Sharpton speaking at the service? Dude, if that guy's the best you can get up there, I have to question how deep these friendships really ran. Tomorrow will come and the Mike story will go to the tape and housed in the storage closet. We'll move on to better stuff like Lindsay Lohan's partying or Jen Aniston's new boyfriend. It's all good.

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