Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama Says an Economic Recovery is Way Off

No @#$ Sherlock!

At some point this dude has to stop blaming Bush and repeating the falsehood that he inherited disaster but its a big ship we're trying to turn around so it will take more and more time. It is July 10. When does Obama take responsibility for his own detrimental actions?

Ugh, I spend so much time writing on this blog about this stuff. These policies and these statements keep drawing me back in. I predict this man will go down as one of the worst presidents in American history. He is not a leader and he doesn't take genuine responsibility for his actions. He has Congress write major legislation he just blames Bush and makes excuses. In the article he mentions he wants a major healthcare overhaul by August! Shouldn't we think about this? I am not sure when the excuses start to stink for the rest of my countrymen. I guess they are more patient than I.

Obama won with 52% of the vote in November over an old man with no base support and after 8 years of GW Bush and in the midst of a bank crisis that could not have been better timed for him. It's a win. But it's not a mandate for radical, sweeping change where he no longer has to persuade. He is governing as though he just has to now implement the will of all the people, as though he won 65% to 70% of the vote. He is overplaying his hand.

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