Thursday, August 20, 2009

Healthcare: It's a Jesus Issue Now

Our president has declared that "we are God's partners in matters of life and death". As a Christian, I have always believed that God works His will through the people He has created. We are to live by faith knowing we don't understand everything. He certainly loves His creation and gives us gifts, knowledge, creativity, and all that makes up a human person. But partners? I don't know if I am a "partner".

This also assumes the "we" he is referring to is individuals. In that sense no, I am not a partner with God. If he is saying the "we" is liberal democrat politicians and the government in general is a "partner" we have real problems. The government is allowed by God and is ideally intended to serve the welfare of the people in practical ways. Taking it to mean that the government has the authority or in some sense is a unique partner with God or even close to that level is fraught with danger.

I know that I shouldn't give Obama too much credit for thinking this through. He sort of says stuff and you think you get the idea of what he's saying. I obviously don't think he wants to institute a theocracy administered by the Federales. If Obama was a song he'd be good melody, harmony not so great, and the substance of the words would be pointless and circular. He's a good 3-minute tune but you have to make sure you don't think too hard about what he's saying.

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