Monday, August 17, 2009

The Public Option. Ah, it Ain't That Important

Our president is apparently changing his tact on a public option run by the government. Where will we get hundreds of billions in new efficiencies to be squeezed out of America's 7,500 hospitals now? A cooperative. I am a little concerned because with only more than 1300 private health insurance companies in the private market, what will the lack of one more option do? The reluctance to tackle this monopoly is a bit confusing. I guess we'll see the details of our president's new plan when Congress writes it for him. He can't be expected to write his own plan and lead here. C'mon people. You didn't elect him to seriously lead, just to give good speeches, spend trillions of dollars of borrowed money for the short term, and just be a generally cool guy right? He's a great campaigner. Not so great a president.

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