Sunday, September 6, 2009

Michael Moore Say: Capitalism is Evil

I think this dude is getting dumber by the day. When Moore first started, I actually thought Roger and Me was pretty good in a 60 Minutes, gotcha sort of way. But it really went downhill pretty fast. The F-911 was a mindless Bush Bash with its constant "we're gonna smoke em'out" references to old western TV shows and interviews of hillbillies to make some mean points at the expense of a few southerners.

In his new movie, Mr. Moore apparently wants to replace capitalism with democracy. Despite centuries of political thought expounding on the link between the two, according to Mr. Moore, they are now mutually exclusive so that you can have one with the other. Is he suggesting that America is capitalist but not a democracy? I suppose we're more a Republic. So maybe the genius is technically right and America is not in fact a democracy.

The type of thought embodied by Mr. Moore makes clear why it is wise to spend at least some time during the course of your life doing a regular job without a lofty, noble purpose in it. Just doing something because you have to pay the bills. A career as a documentary filmmaker is probably fascinating. For Mr. Moore to arrive at the broad brush conclusion that "capitalism is evil" means his best years are long behind him. Maybe the hardwiring in his brain is set and the capacity for insightful thought is no longer there. This is a caution for anybody getting older to not fall into that trap. Your brain neurons do set and it gets harder to incorporate new information that doesn't fit within your existing paradigms. I'll make a note. NOTE TO RIGHTWING BLOGGING SELF: DON'T STOP CONSIDERING OTHER PERSPECTIVES.

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