Thursday, September 3, 2009

Will Somebody Please Think of the Children?

President Obama was going to give an inspirational message to school children. They're assignment was to write an essay about what they can do to "help the president?"

I actually find it a sad state of affairs when people are so distrustful of the president that anything he proposes is deemed to be sinister. There would be nothing shocking about this if it were Eisenhower, for example, asking it during the 1950s. The problem is that government has become such a central part of people's lives and its reach is being expanded that you can't help but think we're entering a period where our basic freedoms are being chippeed away. Were the government a relatively small part of our lives and not involved in everything from finance to healthcare to education to so many other things, this type of thing would not feel like yet another intrusion into our lives.

We are so beyond the point of government being too big that it's not even worth pondering new government "solutions" to whatever challenges we face. At this point people need to stop asking government to do things for them. The problem is that normal people are now relying on it for everything from retirement to insurance if there's a natural disaster to unemployment benefits and whatever else. The system is already beyond its scope. The only thing to do now is wholescale cut it down at every level. We all need to stop looking to the government to meet our needs. If we can't do that, we deserve to have our freedoms reduced. With freedom comes responsibility. You can't give childred unlimited freedom. We all need to be adults and stop looking to government as though it is our parents.

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