Saturday, November 21, 2009

Barack's Asian Job Creatin

More words from President Obama:

He says his trip to China will create more jobs. This despite the fact that nothing tangible was actually accomplished. Or that one of the major gripes of the Chinese has been that he's imposed tariffs on some of the Chinese made goods we import such as tires. Or that he's devalued the dollar, which negatively impacts global trade flows from China's perspective although it props up our export industries. We can see all the massive job gains we've had from the implementation of a cheap dollar, export driven approach though can't we? It doesn't matter. All of a sudden Barack is a fan of free trade and all the jobs it can in fact create.

Another day another few billion dollars. More good soundin words. Our amateur hour, who wants to be president, night rolls on. How many more hours til last call?

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