Sunday, November 1, 2009

Singin That Ole Tune Again

My favorite recurring Obama line is that he didn't get us into the mess but he's trying to clean up the mess. It's clever. He's right on one hand. He inherited a bad fiscal and economic downturn that was well underway before he was sworn in. On the other hand, people aren't completely stupid enough to believe that his policies, which essentially boil down to borrow and spend more, start a trillion dollar overhaul of healthcare, and regulate, are going to help restore anything.

Who knows how many more people have to endure this pain simply because business is scared to death of President Obama's policies.

So how long should it take for the economy to recover? I thought that by early Summer things could start to go back up under sound economic policies. We had an artificial boost in growth in the 3rd quarter. Nobody believes it is going to get better than that anytime soon. I wonder what his timeframe is? Does it take a year? Two years? Five? Is there any reason why we shouldn't already start to see businesses hiring again? I think I know.

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