Monday, May 11, 2009

Get the Coffee, Mike Lupica Just Woke Up

NY Daily News columnist and all around sports guy Mike Lupica complained there was a double standard for jokes given at a whine and dine DC Schmooze Fest Thingie on Saturday night.

Mike can’t seem to believe that “comedian” Wanda Sykes got away with a joke about Rush Limbaugh but a white comedian didn’t about a Nancy Pelosi joke. He’s being decried. But Wanda, who said that Rush’s kidneys should fail so he could die, is not being decried.

So there’s a double standard? You are kidding? In America? Has America become ludicrously PC? Really? I’m just glad Wanda didn’t joke about how white people can’t dance…or… start off every joke with “why do white people…”?

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