Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trackin Every Dime of Porkulus ... er "Stimulus"

Well not really. Surely the overwhelming amount of shovel ready projects made it impossible for to track the details.

Although I confess I am actually impressed that they've gotten as far as they did with the site. I was happy to see my state oiling the engine of economic growth through projects such as:
  • $920M to the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund
  • $147M to Title I Grants to Local Educational Agencies
  • $128M for Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons
  • $47M for Public Housing Capital fund Stimulus
I am not sure what happens to weather assistance for low income folks when the "one-time" money runs out over the next year or two. These seem to be either funds for local government or just plain old welfare type of things. It's not necessarily bad as part of a routine local government budget type of thing. But this is not really stuff that would actually create long-term value-added jobs. But, hey, those type of concerns are so yesterday! It will all just work so long as you have faith in Obama.

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