Friday, May 15, 2009

I See Dead People!

Dead folks are apparently getting stimulus checks. And why not? Thanks to ACORN, they voted for Obama. Don't they deserve special favors too?

In other news, Obama declares that we can't keep borrowing because the debt load is unsustainable.
It will lead to higher interest rates. Gee, you think so? This fascinating proclamation comes in the same week that it's announced we'll have a budget deficit of $1.84Trillion budget and a report that social security and medicare will go bankrupt sooner than previously thought. This also comes as Obama fleshes out his new crown jewel entitlement: National health care, which is poised to cost about $1.5Trill (of more borrowed money on top of the other borrowed money) over the next 10 years. Government healthcare is going to drive down costs though... Really... Oh, and he's essentially going to war on private business and seems to think that working for a business (see last post) is an existentially pointless soul crusher. Of course, I sincerely expect Obama will reverse course now due to his new awareness of all the problems his cartoonish budgets are going to cause.

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